A kitten staring into a mirror reflecting a lioness - you know who you are!

You Know Who You Are

Three different conversations today have me convinced that many women have forgotten who they are.

At some level I think we can all relate to the things they were battling.

First, who has made a fear-based decision recently that you now regret?

Second, who has stopped running after your dream because all your other responsibilities make you feel like you either can’t… or shouldn’t… add one more thing to your plate?

Third, who feels unworthy, ill-equipped, or a huge fear of failure when thinking of stepping into that thing your heart keeps drawing you toward?

The problem is none of those things, though.

The problem is…
You have forgotten who you are!

Really great leaders don’t make decisions based on fear. They know their dreams are worth pursuing. They add what is needed to their plate to keep them being a great leader. Their self-doubt questions aren’t used in the decision-making process. What’s right and good and most impactful are the factors used.

And guess what? YOU are called to be a really great leader. If a leader of nobody else, a leader of YOU.

You only have one life to live. (Just because it’s cliché doesn’t mean it’s not true.)

You aren’t going to pass leadership of your one and only life over to somebody who doesn’t see what you see, feel what you feel, or believe what you believe! Are you???

I remember the little girl who pretended to be a princess so she could order the bad guys to be thrown in the dungeon and save the surrounding villages.

I remember the teenage girl who went undercover to rescue a loved one from danger.

I remember the young woman who traveled to a war-torn country to become a mom.

I remember that all those people were me.

What do you remember?

Your memories are different from mine, but…

Who did you protect?

Or befriend?

Or assist?

Or love?

What did you dream about?

What did you overcome?

It’s all a clue.

It’s all a piece of the puzzle to your life story and when you forget it, something needed to remind you of who you are is missing.

I know who you are. And I want to remind you.

You are a woman…

Who can do hard things.

Who can slay giants.

Who can move through fear instead of getting stuck in it.

Who can silence lies.

Who can prioritize responsibilities.

Who can set healthy boundaries.

Who CAN fulfill your call.


Remember again. Remember the pieces. Put them together. And start walking in who you TRULY are. I pray you do that today!

And if you need help…
If walking alone to get your footing, your game plan, your courage, your accountability sounds daunting, or at least harder than it needs to be, and if you willing to invest in yourself to receive those things…

Let’s talk.

It’s time to ENJOY your journey!


Brenda is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. She is a wife, mom, mimi, daughter, and friend who also enjoys speaking, writing, and coaching.