You have a green light to GO! Take action on your dreams.

You Have a Green Light: Pursue Your Dreams Without Fear

Red Light Therapy is a treatment we are hearing a lot about lately. It’s for healing different parts of your body. I know someone who does that regularly and swears it’s a game changer regarding some health issues she has battled. I can’t speak to its effectiveness as I haven’t tried it personally, but the name makes me think of a game changing theory I can speak to! I call it the Green Light Theory.

It started as an experiment and became a way of life. The momentum it created was addictive. In a good way. Simply put, the Green Light Theory is choosing to live life believing you have a green light to move ahead with your dreams… unless you see a red light.

For too long I Iived life just the opposite. I assumed if I was to act on any of the ideas, inspirations, and dreams inside of me I would need a very clear green light that included a close-to-foolproof plan for success. That’s what fear does. I wanted all my ducks in a nice, neat row.

In other words… I was looking for the probability of failure to be extremely low. The problem with that is, it leaves way too many possibilities unlived. It is much more exhilarating to see the impossible become possible!

I did an audio recording for the Loud Is Not A Language® book last week, and in one of the chapters started reading about the Green Light Theory. It made my spirit leap because earlier that morning, standing at the kitchen sink, I had flipped my calendar to the current date and the saying on it carried the same message. It read:

Better to live with an ooops than with a what-if!

At the time I had smiled with remembrance of the Green Light Theory, but at the recording studio a few hours later, there I was reading about that very thing and had forgotten I had written it into the book.

I pay attention to those things.

Either I need the reminder. Or those around me need the reminder. Or both.

Green lights can be the ooops. But they can also be the woo-hoo’s!!! I have found the red lights are almost certainly the what-if’s.

For me, living with the regret of what-if’s is way worse than living with mistakes. Mistakes can be corrected, learned from, and forgiven. We can shake off a mistake and start again. The what-ifs are left to the imagination as to what could have been, and the thought of that makes my stomach sick.

I believe the dreams women are sitting on could change the world.

I believe you could be one of those world changers!

Let’s go for it friends! What is in your heart to do that you have been sitting on? What are you waiting on? What red light is between you and the dream?

Does this resonate?

I can help you accelerate.

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You have invested in sooooo many others! It’s time to invest in YOU!

All the best,

Brenda is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. She is a wife, mom, mimi, daughter, and friend who also enjoys speaking, writing, and coaching.