Who are you? Your true identity is what God made you to be.

Who are You?

Many are feeling lost right now. Floundering. Confused. Frustrated. Scared. And I want to say to you that you are NOT what your emotions say you are. You are NOT who others say you are. You are NOT who others say you aren’t. You are NOT even who you say you are. You are NOT what you have done. You are NOT what others have done to you.

So who are you, then?

As I was driving home tonight these words flooded my mind, and I got a picture of a little red toy truck. I think one of God’s favorite ways to speak to me is through pictures. So I paid attention. And as soon as I prayed, “Lord why am I seeing a little red toy truck?” I heard the following words in my heart just as clearly as I heard my heart say, “I love you more than life,” the first time I laid eyes on my children. I heard:

A toy truck is created to be a toy truck. Even if a child decides to play with it like a baby doll, that doesn’t make it a baby doll. It was created to be a toy truck and it remains a toy truck.

Our true identity: what God made us to be

And I knew the Lord was saying it is the same with us. Our true identity is what He made us to be. It is the wonder of His likeness He knit within us. It is time to stop downplaying His wonder-making abilities. Time to stop playing make believe and be who God created us to be. Just because we think we are timid or shy or weak or too much or not enough or whatever else we might think…doesn’t mean that is true. The truth is, if God says we are courageous and bold and strong and just exactly enough, then we are. We have just picked up a fake ID and tried to convince ourselves (and others) it is real.

Put down the fake ID and pick up some reminders of truth. A prophetic word that ignites your heart. A scripture that stirs your heart to hope. A journal entry you penned that set your heart on fire as you expressed your deepest desires. All of these are ways He talks to us. He speaks the language of the heart.

Pick up your reminders of truth and know them, instead of continuing to believe you are who you feel like you are. The creation cannot possibly know the Creator as intimately as the Creator knows the creation. He designed you. He knows parts of you that haven’t been discovered yet. Drop the fake ID and tell me…tell yourself…

Who are you?

Your true identity is what you were made to be. Sometimes, we pick up a fake ID and try to convince ourselves and others it is real. Who are you, really? #identity #purpose Share on X

Brenda Harkins mines the gold in people to help them clearly see their talent, identify their purpose and unleash potential to navigate their unique success. Brenda is a Life and Leadership Coach in her own organization, as well as with The John Maxwell Team and CoreClarity. She is a Public Speaker, Author, Mediator, Entrepreneur, and President of The Harkins Group, Inc. You can connect with Brenda at brenda@brendaharkins.com or find out more at https://brendaharkins.com.