How well do you know the four languages of influence? Take this quiz and find out.

How Well Do You Know the Four Languages of Influence? {Quiz}

Take this quick quiz and find out!
Over the last five weeks, we have talked about four different “Influence Languages” that determine whether what we say will be heard and taken into account by others…or not.
Today you have the opportunity to assess how well you understand the Liaison (Relationship) Language, The Information Language, The Active Language and the Dominion Language.

Are you ready? There are 3 scenarios below with 4 statements after each one. Read each statement, determine what language you think they are speaking, and put an L for Liaison, I for Information, A for Active or D for Dominion after it.

SCENARIO 1: You are in a meeting and the topic being discussed has caused some conflict. Tension is running high in the room, and you hear these four comments:

1) “All we are doing is sabotaging ourselves. Let’s remember the goal, see who needs to do what, and start working together as a team! __________

2) “I’m not sure we have all the facts. We need to dig a little deeper and be sure everything is out on the table so we can make an educated plan.” __________

3) “Attacking each other’s opinions isn’t helping anything. Why don’t we take a break and meet back up in a couple of hours? I can reserve a room at the restaurant next door for us, and we can discuss this some more over lunch in a more relaxed environment.” __________

4) “Really? Can we just make a decision please, and get on with it?” __________

SCENARIO 2: You and your team are planning a surprise birthday party for your boss and brainstorming ideas on what to do to make it special:

5) “I think we should all write down what we appreciate about her and take turns reading it out loud.” __________

6) “Why don’t we look at the goals we have achieved this past year and blow her away with how much we have accomplished?” __________

7) “Or we could put together a really cool chart that documents all the data we have gathered to make our accomplishments attainable and made this such an awesome year!” __________

8) “We should do a skit! Something that will make her laugh, but has each one of us playing a character that fits the part we played in bringing these accomplishments home!” __________

SCENARIO 3: Your top client has asked for a major project to be delivered two weeks earlier than originally agreed upon, and even the original deadline was cutting it close. The team comes together to discuss how to handle the request:

9) “Look, I have been researching the necessary materials and compiling reports so we can have everything we need to move forward, but there is just so much more to do that if we say yes to this new deadline, we will be doing them a disservice. We will be advancing without the needed data.” __________

10) “This is a client we can’t afford to lose. Let’s just knuckle down, get to work, and get it done!” __________

11) “Let’s be sure we can deliver what we promise. I want everyone to weigh in on their part, where they are in the process, and what is needed to make the requested deadline. If we lay it all out on the table, maybe we can jump in, pick up the slack where needed, and work together to make this happen!” __________

12) “I think we should meet with them face to face and discuss what the issues are. Let them know how much we value them as a client and want to do a great job for them, but if we agree to the deadline we might be compromising our best. I think they would appreciate knowing the reason we are having a hard time committing is because we care about delivering our best to them.” __________
So how do you think you did? Did you learn the languages well?

Watch for the next post coming out Monday morning! It will have a key for you to check your results. In the meantime…think about not only what language each of these statements represent…but whether you would know how to respond to each one of these statements by speaking their language back to them. After all, that’s the whole point of learning the languages. Influence!

Happy influencing!