Choosing the Right Coach can be Difficult

Read what my clients think it’s like to work with me.

Brenda identifies opportunities others don’t.

Brenda stays calm in the midst of stress and has the ability to reconfigure, recalibrate and then navigate through turbulent waters. She also identifies opportunities that others don’t.  Brenda has broadened my perspective and understanding of the leadership gifting that resides within me. She opens new avenues for individuals to explore within themselves.
Kristen Bangs

I had the privilege of meeting with Brenda Harkins during a very difficult time…

At first, it seemed odd that in the midst of all this pain, I would be exploring my own strengths and how to use them. But it was actually one of the most significant moments of my life. She didn’t just address the pain, she went a step beyond and began helping me see what person was standing beyond the difficult moment. When my time concluded with Brenda…I was strengthened in my core because I finally understood what was in me and how I could begin to use it.
Joanna H.
Administrative Professional

Brenda…helped me move forward.

Brenda’s wisdom and support have helped me move forward.”
Kim Vastine
Founder, Ambassador Alliance International

Brenda has the ability to connect with people on a level that transcends language and “normal” senses.

She has an uncanny ability to understand individuals including their joy, their failings, their potential, their pains, and their current frustrations so well that she can perfectly articulate what they need to do right now to change their course to a better path of action.
Candace L. Fitzpatrick
Founder and CEO, CoreClarity, Inc.

Working with Brenda contributed…positively to our co-management of our business, and…our marriage relationship.

My husband and I own a training company and have the chance to observe and be involved with many trainers. We personally relied upon Brenda to identify our strengths and focus on our respective talents. This has contributed so positively to our co-management of our business, and as an added bonus, it has contributed to our marriage relationship. I cannot say enough about the potential impact that can be enjoyed through trusting Brenda with your important relational needs, whether they are business based, organization, personal or a mix of them.
Amy Scott
Co-Owner, IPC

I would highly recommend Brenda to any group or organization interested in an assessment tool.

As the founder of Mercy House, I can personally testify that I have a much better understanding of the board members, their motivations, and priorities, as well as strengths and have changed the way I relate and direct to accommodate those distinctions. We plan to take our entire staff through the assessment at the first of the year.
Susan Hulet
Founder, Mercy House

It is a pleasure to do business with you…

I feel it was a valuable learning experience for the team (and for me, too).
Mike D.
International Executive

The team saw immediate benefits.

It was an awesome experience seeing them embrace the concepts. Thank you for the great insight into this powerful process. It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you.
Irvin K.
Canadian Executive

You coached me in such a way…

that I felt good about the process, the outcome and about myself.
Louise P.
Human Resources Professional

Brenda is gifted at understanding what makes others great and helping them capitalize on their gifts.

Every single encounter with Brenda has made me appreciate my own gifts. She lights people up. She not only makes me smile, she helps me appreciate who I am.
Gary Rifkin
Chief Learning Officer, CoreClarity, Inc.

Brenda’s insightful, discerning capacity to see, encourage, and draw out the best in people is a memorable quality and strength.

She is a visionary in a broad sense, seeing potential in many diverse seemingly unrelated areas and domains. She listened well and was willing to speak a hard but encouraging and helpful truth.
Lauri Loving
Director of Operations, TBL Academy

Working with Brenda, we were able to take a holistic look at the strengths of our team.

This helped us pinpoint and refine our message of where we excelled and identified areas where we had a gap to help direct our future hires. Providing us with team self-awareness has helped us deliver stronger messages about our capabilities and build customer loyalty.
Tim C.
IT Director

Brenda’s encouragement gave me permission to achieve and receive through her life message and wisdom.

Her actions and intentionality mark your heart. Brenda has a unique gift to unlock destiny and promise.
Angel Poorman
Founder and President, Iris Abilene: CampBarkeley

Brenda taught on finding your purpose…

and led us through exercises that helped me better understand my life’s purpose/calling.
Sherrie Holland
Prayer Leader

Brenda’s greatest strength is the hope she brings to every person and situation she comes in contact with.

While still firmly grounded in reality, she has the ability to “see” things in ways that enable others to move forward in their lives.
Her vulnerability and humility have had the most impact. She is always striving to move forward, but she doesn’t forget or minimize where she came from, so watching her personal growth is inspiring.
Lenore Ludlow
RDMS, RVT clinical sonographer

Brenda sees the great potential in others…

and helps them achieve it.
Eileen Giltner
President, Heart to Heart Ministries

Brenda has the ability to take very difficult issues/personalities, give understanding on how to resolve those issues and bring unity and harmony to a diverse group.

Brenda has spoken wisdom and given counsel that has impacted both my life and the lives of those in my organization on many occasions. Specifically, in one of our meetings where we discussed a problem with some who were ineffective in their positions, she was able to help us understand what the position required and the type of person that would function best there. It was an incredible piece of wisdom that impacted us all.
Trudy Bangs
President, Christian Ambassadors

If the world were all Brenda’s, the world would be a better place.

She rarely speaks without impacting people. She is always quick to offer grace and hope to any situation. Anytime I am around her, I am better for it. I love her transparency. She has ups and downs, highs and lows, yet is still a genuinely, lovely person.
Jill Coan
RN BSN Nurse Manager, Pregnancy Help4U