What is success? Not everyone knows how to define success for themselves or how to walk out their definition of success.

Success is…

So many people. So many destinies. Is it even possible to define success for everyone? That is the wrong question, really. Is it possible for everyone to define success for themselves? THAT is the right question. And the answer is, “Yes.” Last year I put out a request on social media asking people to send me their definitions of success. I have received so many wonderful responses, all of which confirmed my suspicion: Everyone has their own definition of success.

Here are just ten of the responses I want to share with you:

  • “Success is being happy.”
  • “Success is accomplishing the goal set before me.”
  • “Success is keeping the passion behind everything you are doing.”
  • “Success is the product you receive from the effort you put forth.”
  • “Success is being faithful with what God has entrusted to you.”
  • “Success is finding a task I have never done and excelling at it.”
  • “Success is answering more and more to the truth of who I was created to be.”
  • “Success is positively touching people’s lives.”
  • “Success is running after a God-given purpose with all you have.”

As you can see, success runs the gamut from feelings to tasks to motivation to accomplishments to helping others to being your best self…and beyond. Of course, we have different views of success! We are, each one of us, unique to any other individual on the planet! What is important to one is not the focus of another. So actually KNOWING our definition of success is like discovering a puzzle piece that is essential to the completion of the whole puzzle. And when we take it beyond KNOWING and actually DO what our definition of success is, then all of our successes together can work toward a whole success. A complete puzzle.

Here is the problem. Not everyone knows how to walk out their definition of success. Back up a step from there, and not everyone even knows how to define success for themselves! Both knowing and doing are so crucial to your “piece”, as well as to the “whole”, that I am putting together a seminar for January 2017 to help us both define and design our success. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make 2017 “The Year of Collective Success?” That just gets me excited! Watch for the upcoming details on the Success Seminar: Living Your Purpose on Purpose.

I so appreciate each one of you and the puzzle piece you bring! Have a “successful” day!