A seemingly random profound thought repeats itself. Chaos. Just because you hear chaotic words, thoughts, proposals, and threats doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

Profound Randomness

“Chaos swirling around us doesn’t have to equal chaos swirling within us.”

Leaving for the office this morning I heard those random words in my head. I wasn’t thinking them up. They just came! But they were loud enough to make me stop. Pause. Think about them. And agree. Yes, how true. How very true.

Tossing my keys onto the kitchen counter I decided I could spare an extra minute to share that profound randomness on social media. So I quickly posted it, grabbed my keys, and took off for a day full of appointments!

Funny how something so seemingly random can continue to repeat itself…continuing to remind you of the message you must be meant to hear. Chaos in the rush hour traffic. Chaos at the office. Chaos in relationships…and world affairs…and accounts receivable not received…chaos in the rush, rush, rush of the seemingly urgent. And I have a choice. WE have a choice.

I mean, we have a profound choice. Do we let the chaos enter our hearts, or not? Just because we hear chaotic words, ideas, proposals, threats…that doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. We don’t have to let them in. But without deciding not to, we have decided to. The external is that good at sneaking inside.

It doesn’t come natural to separate the external from the internal. Without intentionality, we tend to absorb our external world right through our skin into our souls. And that can be dangerous. Inner chaos is much more dangerous than external. Our ideas, hopes, dreams, and relationships are threatened. Our peace is stolen. Our mind is at war.

So be intentional, my friends. In this chaotic world that seems to often grow with each passing day, I encourage you…be intentional. Don’t open the door of your heart to chaos when it knocks. For only in peace will we find true clarity. And rest. We need to remind each other of that often. So…for today…you are reminded.

“Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.” – Proverbs 12:20