You didn’t come this far to only come this far on a felt letter board for the power of personal alignment.

The Power of Personal Alignment

Beliefs fuel our thoughts.
Thoughts fuel our emotions.
Emotions fuel our actions/behavior.
Actions fuel our beliefs.

It’s a cycle.

That cycle can propel us forward, hold us back, or keep us stuck.

What you believe, whether consciously or unconsciously, will determine what you think about.
What you think about affects how you feel, your emotions.
What you feel will determine your behavior.
That behavior will reinforce your beliefs and start the cycle over.

If you believe you will fail, you think self-protective thoughts that cause you to feel fear and then act out of extreme caution.

When behavior is driven by fear you don’t show up with confidence or clarity and that is sure to have a negative impact on those around you, as well as your decisions. Therefore, it will reinforce the belief that you will fail, and you’ve come full circle.

If you believe you have as much a chance as anyone to succeed, maybe more, then your thoughts align with this belief, and you feel confident and excited. These feelings drive your behavior that exudes a certainty which draws people to you, causing them to experience the confident expectation you walk in. This behavior reinforces the belief that you have a great chance to succeed.

So what’s the problem? Just change what we believe, right? That’s easier than it seems.

It is somewhat effective to change the way you think. That affects us on a conscious level.
But unless our beliefs change, the same old thoughts will sneak back in and sabotage us.

Changing what we believe goes to the heart of who we are, affecting not only our conscious but unconscious levels. It affects true change.

So how do we do that? How do we determine the beliefs we hold that are affecting us on an unconscious level?

A great starting place is to welcome an awareness of your thoughts, then work backwards from there. WHY am I thinking these things? What do I believe that is causing these thoughts?

You can even start with the emotions and back up to ask yourself, “What am I thinking that is causing me to feel ____?” Then from there, back up to, “What do I believe that is making me think those thoughts?”

This process that can deliver huge results, and it only requires paying attention and being honest with yourself.

Increased self-awareness and alignment of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can significantly impact the behaviors needed to drive your success, however you define success. It can impact your business, your family, your friendships, your decisions, your work associations, etc… All of life is positively impacted when beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions are aligned.

How have you experienced the power of personal alignment?

Brenda Harkins is an Author, Speaker, Mediator, and Coach specializing in Personal, Relational and Leadership Transformation. Brenda founded Harkins Leadership Group and developed the Loud Is Not A Language® communication model, helping to build collaborative communities on foundations of trust both professionally and personally. Brenda’s passion for mining gold in people is shared with her love for God, family, good friends, good coffee, and west Texas sunsets. You can reach Brenda through or directly via email at