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Your Original Design Isn’t Faulty

At a movie theater last week, there was a line one of the animated characters in a preview said that stood out to me with such impact, I knew I needed to write it down.

Have you ever had something stand out to you in a way that seemed to have multiple exclamation points after it? But you weren’t sure why?

This was that.

I have learned to pay attention to those things because even if I don’t understand in the moment, I know I will. It has happened so many times now, I can count on it.

The line was:

Sometimes to survive, we must become more than we were programmed to be.

I took out my phone, put it in my Notes app, and promptly forgot about it.

The very next day my computer froze. The cursor wouldn’t move. I had to do a forced shutdown and thought when I started it back up it would be ok… because honestly, this wasn’t the first time my computer had frozen. And the forced shutdown had always worked before!

Not this time.

I ended up making 4 trips to the Apple store before I got it back, mostly fixed.

The first trip was to find out a beta software had somehow been installed and was causing the hardware and software not to communicate properly with each other. To remove it, they would have to wipe the hard drive clean, so I had to go back home and back up everything on an external drive.

The second trip was to drop off my computer so they could wipe it clean. That would take several hours, and I couldn’t wait.

The third trip was to pick it up when they said it would be ready, only to find out it was taking longer than expected and would likely take overnight to complete.

It was until my fourth trip, when they opened at 10am the next morning, that I got my computer back. My computer with nothing on it. That’s why I said it was mostly fixed.

I still had to reinstall the original I had backed up, which was another multi-hour process.

Why am I telling you this? Because all in all, it was a great life lesson, even though a bit stressful.

Remember me saying this wasn’t the first time my computer had frozen? Well, it wasn’t the second time, either. It had happened multiple times and I had gotten used to fixing it by forcing a shutdown, and then starting it up again.

Life is like that. We get beta software programmed into us, also known as lies we believe (mostly about who we are). We then tell ourselves these lies on a conscious level, they get into our subconscious, and before we know it our hardware and software aren’t communicating properly with each other and the results we want are all messed up. Results in our relationships, our health, our finances, you name it. Bottom line is…

In order to survive (and live the life we are meant to live), we must become more than we were programmed to be (more than the lies tell us we are).

This week, let’s pay attention to what we are telling ourselves.

When working with clients, that is one of the first things we work on. A first assignment is…

Pay attention so you can become aware.

Habit keeps us unaware. We have told ourselves lies so much it has become a
habit. It has become programming. And sometimes it causes us to freeze and not be able to operate as we were originally designed.

Instead of one forced shutdown and restart after another, let’s interrupt that and pay attention.

So we can become aware.

So we can wipe clean the drive that holds the lies and reinstall the original design.

Your original design isn’t faulty.