What is it you hope for? With these steps, you can fulfill you dreams and define the strategy required to attain your dreams, making your hope a reality.
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Making Your Hope a Reality

Dreams are awakening in people that I talk to everywhere I go. Hope is rising and that is so exciting! Hope is powerful, but it is not a strategy. Hope affirms that what we want can be had. Strategy maps out how to get there. We need both.

What is it you hope for? What is that longing in your heart not yet fulfilled? Define it and bring it to the forefront of your heart and mind. That is the first step to actually fulfilling your dream. But the second step is to define the strategy of HOW to attain it. That strategy begins with three keys. If you want to “get there,” take ownership of these keys, take care of them well, and begin to use them daily.

3 keys you need to turn your hope into reality:

  1. Time. What are you doing with it? How are you spending your time? Are you wishing, hoping and dreaming? That’s great. But if you aren’t taking action steps toward those wishes, hopes and dreams they will remain just out of your grasp, alive only in your heart and mind. If you don’t think you have any extra time, just take a few minutes to glance at the important things you schedule on your calendar. We make time for what is important to us. So just like you schedule important appointments, begin to schedule important appointment times to work toward your dream. Mark it out on the calendar on a daily basis. Break it down into daily steps. Your dream won’t happen in a day, but it can certainly begin to take shape daily.
  2. Talent. Do you know what your giftings are? What are your talents? How about your strengths? Knowing what you are good at is extremely important. You have probably heard the old saying that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s true, but sometimes that is exactly what we try to do in life. Usually that is when we are trying to fill expectations others have for us rather than what we genuinely want. But if the dream is clear, lay it next to your giftings and get insight on how to best move forward with a plan that will utilize what you are intrinsically good at. If the dream isn’t clear, take time (back to #1) to make it clear. The Gallup Organization’s research tells us that people are 6 times more productive when they are utilizing their talents and strengths on a daily basis. So be sure that what you are planning for is something you will also love. You will accomplish more while enjoying life at the same time!
  3. Resources. What do you have readily available that can be used to fulfill your dream? People usually think of money when they think of resources, and money is certainly one resource. But there are many resources available to us. We just need to take the time (back to #1 again) to identify them. Perhaps you need capital or collateral. Do you need to make a budget? Perhaps you need to generate another source of revenue. Do you need property? Mentors? Education? Accountability? A hammer needs a nail. A needle needs thread. A doctor needs patients. What do YOU need? Identify it. Then go get it.

Time. Talent. Resources. These three keys will unlock your ability to achieve your dreams. Take hold of them. Take good care of them. And begin to use them….daily.