You want to make a difference. But life happens. Dis-appointment and dis-couragement will rob us of our courage to get up and move forward, if we let them.

Make a Difference: Take the “Dis” Out of Your Courage and Appointments

You want to make a difference. I want to make a difference. Even if you don’t know what difference you want to make, you still want to make one.

I have yet to meet a person who wanted to grow up and influence no one, have no impact, and just get by until they die. Those are not the dreams in any child’s heart, nor are they the dreams in any adult’s heart of hearts.

But life happens. When things don’t go as planned, disappointment comes. Do you see that word? Dis–appointment. It removes us from our appointments. And dis-couragement is disappointment’s best friend, so they usually play together by stealing our appointments and removing our courage (dis-courage). They rob us of the courage to get back up and move forward into the things that might scare us. Dis-appoint. Dis-Courage. Two words powerful enough to take away the courage needed to keep walking in the appointments life has for us. If we let them.

Three letters. That’s all. Just three letters. “Dis.” Such a small force. What if we quit giving them power? What if we settle in our minds that three letters shouldn’t dictate our lives. What if we operate with COURAGE and APPOINTMENTS because we realize we have the power to remove the “dis”? It really is that simple. I didn’t say easy. I said simple.

Walt Disney. Lucille Ball. Michael Jordan. Thomas Edison. Abraham Lincoln. And more. They discounted the “dis”. Why not you?

Check out this short video:

Then gather your courage and go keep some appointments. You are worth it. And others need you.

Brenda Harkins is a Strengths-based Transformation Coach who mines the gold in people, equipping individuals and organizations to drive their own unique success. As a CoreClarity Certified Coach and Facilitator, as well as a Certified John Maxwell Life and Leadership Coach, Brenda facilitates the discovery of purpose, the unleashing of potential, and the achievement of unique success. Brenda is Executive Director of The Harkins Group, Inc.

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