Love Remains. Hiba’s story about moving forward in courage even when faced with death.

Love Remains: Hiba’s Story

Welcome to the very first video in the Wise Women with Whys series.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and enjoy the honor of being invited into HIBA’S STORY, where this message has been branded into my heart:

When love costs us everything, we discover what we truly love.

Many of us say we love God. My friend, Hiba, lives that love out in a beautiful, courageous way. It is a joy to know her and to see her heart as she openly shares her story of a surrendered love that understands what it means to count the cost and love anyway. I invite you to meet her, too, here in this video.

Love Remains: Hiba's Story on YouTube

Wise Women With Whys. To know these women. To hear their stories. Their whys. The purpose behind what drives them. It is a privilege I do not take for granted. I pray you treasure the honor of being welcomed into some of the most intimate details of their lives… those that have shaped them and continue to do so.

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Brenda Cox Harkins is a speaker, author, and coach who believes in impossible possibilities,
in the power of God’s love, in west Texas sunsets, good coffee, and in dreaming… again and again.
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