Loud Is Not A Language®

Loud Is Not A Language®

Build Trust through Effective Communication

Loud Is Not A Language® by Brenda Harkins

Loud Is Not A Language® is a thought framework designed to increase the effectiveness of our communication, the quality of our relationships, and the authenticity of our influence.

With an emphasis on genuine care and respect for others, Loud Is Not A Language® creates emotionally safe environments to express our differences, resulting in constructive ways to move forward.

Loud Is Not A Language is a different way of thinking, communicating, and living that challenges the human need to prove we are right, and leaves the door open for more impactful interactions.

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A must-read!

This is a must-read for anyone who aims for clear communication that leads to relational capital in business and personal relationships. You will be guided through a journey in which you are invited and challenged to work through racial, cultural and philosophical divides that are very prevalent in our society today. Not only will you be inspired, but you will also be instructed with practical steps towards positive change. Brenda’s writing is engaging, entertaining and most importantly encouraging!

Communication is Everything!

What a fabulous and much needed book in this season of our lives. Communication is the #1 topic in marriage but also in all relationships. Brenda clearly lays out how to connect with others effectively and in the most impactful way. I love all the stories she shares to drive home her point on how to adopt these concepts into our lives. Listening well, being intentional, stepping into uncomfortable conversations are just a few of the many topics Brenda covers in Loud Is Not A Language. It is an easy and quick read where you will learn a bunch of new ways to interact and relate to others both personally and professionally. So glad she was willing to share her knowledge with all of us! Thanks, Brenda!

Being heard is important

I read the book cover to cover in one sitting!! Almost everywhere you look, it’s loud – not just in decibels, but in attitude. Many times, people seek to be understood, but don’t bother to try to understand. I love the statement in this book that says: “Being heard feels good. But here is the big question: Are you willing to do the same for others?” That one really hit home. My hope and prayer is that love is the language we speak since LOUD is not an actual language, but LOVE speaks volumes – Brenda does a great job giving tools for self-assessment and implementation. Highly recommend!

Diffusing conflict potential

I love this game changing book written for people that want to strengthen relationships and diffuse conflict by strategically valuing others differences and listening with intention.
It’s called Loud Is Not A Language or LINAL, for short.
The wisdom in this book gives clarity to step into conversations with conflict potential and diffuse it before it ever starts.
Brenda shows how to create powerful ways to have lasting influence and bring relationships into authentic understanding that does not require agreement.
She helps you build a roadmap to the why behind your own feelings and behaviors so that your awareness can keep your relationships healthy.
And she reminds us that best way to get people to care to understand our positions is to show them we care to understand theirs.
Brenda is a thought leader for today and I know that Loud Is Not A Language has the power to change an entire culture!

About the Author

Brenda Cox Harkins is an author, speaker, mediator, minister, and professional coach specializing in personal, relational, conflict, and leadership transformation. She is the Creator of the Loud is Not a Language® thought framework and Founder/President of Harkins Leadership Group.