Life is an Invitation

Life is an invitation. It really is. It invites us to explore, to surrender, to mourn, to rejoice. It invites us to receive. To accept. To reject. To deny. It invites us to dance. Or sing. To join in. Or not. But mostly…life is good.

Life is more than existing.

Life is growth. Vitality. It is heart and soul. Excitement. Zest and zing. Life is processing the good and the bad, and moving forward through it all. Life is hard. Pushing through new canals of birth takes work.

True life, my friends, moves us forward.

Life is always birthing something new. It is like childbirth. When the body doesn’t cooperate with the action needed to bring that baby forth…complications can set in that are dangerous, if not addressed. It is the same with life. We have invitations to bring new life all the time. Resisting the birthing process brings with it all kinds of complications, most commonly known as bitterness, fear, offenses or anger. If complications are making your birth difficult, address them before they become dangerous, or even deadly. These complications can destroy your heart… and your relationships.

Life is an invitation.

Ultimately, life is an invitation to both let go and receive. Let go of the junk. Receive the treasures. Let go. Commit to labor across the Bridge of Process, no matter how high and scary it may seem. If needed, there are others that will hold your hands as you walk across. But cross it. Walk into more of life. Revitalized, powerful new life.


Life is an invitation to let go of the junk and receive the treasures. Commit to labor across the bridge of process.


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