Is it important? What if we took the time to make sure the words we speak are important before we say them.

Is It Important?

Some may call it a daydream. Others a vision. I don’t know what really happened to me in the shower this morning…but it happened. And the weight of it still hangs in the air.

With eyes shut, head back, hot water running over my head and down my body, all awareness of standing in my bathroom shower left and it was as if I was in a corner of a dark room watching an interview take place between an elderly woman and a young male journalist. A spotlight shining on the woman was the only light in the room. It was apparent she had no use of her limbs, but I also knew it was both a mental and physical struggle to speak. Somehow I knew she was an author. Writing was something she deeply loved, so the use of a speaking device had been installed on her computer to allow her to continue her passion to write. Strength and wisdom and determination emanated from this amazing woman. She had much to say, much the world needed to hear, and she spent her days writing books that would someday be her legacy, despite her physical challenges.

“From where do you draw your wisdom?” the journalist asked.

The young man’s question was posed with a genuine curiosity, and as she recognized his sincerity the woman began the laborious process of forming her thoughts, which took a while, then speaking slowly and deliberately, which also took some time. Communicating her thoughts clearly would keep her from having to repeat the process. Her patient labor with the gradual development and delivery of her words spoke volumes about her belief in what she would say. And the young man’s patience in the wait clearly portrayed his heartfelt desire to hear.

With strength, deliberation, determination and conviction this author, this crippled, wheelchair-bound beautiful grandmother began to speak. Her words, though few, are still with me.

“When it takes this much effort to talk, you make sure what you have to say is important.”

That was all she said, and yet it was as if she had downloaded the wisdom of the ages.

And then there I was. Water streaming over me. Back to reality. What just happened?

Pondering this has left me with some questions I hope to process for some time, with the purpose of taking action on communicating more intentionally.

What if I took the time to make sure that what I have to say is important before I say it? #thinking #words #important Click To Tweet

What if I put myself (mentally) within the constructs of this woman’s world?

What if I took the time, as if it were a mental and physical struggle, to make sure that what I have to say is important before I say it?

What kind of difference would that make?

What if we didn’t just let our words roll out unfiltered, but thought about how they would impact others?

What if we “made sure” they were important?

What if we took that time?

Yesterday I was with a group of heart friends with whom I spend an hour or two every possible Friday afternoon. We spoke of deep hurts in our lives which God has used to mold us. The joys that have made ways for deep gratefulness to take root. And some shared crazy hysterical stories that had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. And I realize that “important” fits in different categories. Touching hearts, crying tears, aha moments, and laughter. They are all important. Making sure that what we have to say is important is as simple as making sure what we have to say adds value. No, I didn’t say advice. I said value. Let’s not confuse the two.

Making sure that what we have to say is #important is as simple as making sure what we have to say adds #value. #words Click To Tweet

Let’s speak important!

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