As each of us embrace what is needed to live our purpose on purpose, we affect more and more change in this world. We are world changers.

I Sincerely Appreciate You

I was thinking about you today. Seriously.

I was thinking about every single person who has signed up to receive these posts, and my heart got very full…because I realized you are world changers…and you chose to connect with me. I am both humbled and honored. We need more world changers!

Even if you don’t “feel” like a world changer, you are. World changers embrace change when it is needed. They embrace courage to take action toward the change needed. And they understand that making a difference in this world is why they are here. Change, courage and making a difference. Those are the main themes of the content here. So…I realized that you must be a group of world changers or you wouldn’t be reading about such things.

World changers possess the willingness to look inside and embrace the courage needed to make whatever changes are needed to be the masterpiece they were created to be in this world. That, my friends, is success. It is living YOUR purpose ON purpose, and there is nothing more powerful. Your purpose can only be lived through you. And as each of us embrace what is needed to live that out, we affect more…and more…and more change in this world.

I am honored to be connected with each one of you. I don’t take you following my posts for granted. We all get tons of email, so the fact that you have chosen to receive mine is humbling. I look forward to offering greater ways to connect in the very near future. Together, we can find even greater ways to make a difference as we connect our unique strengths and purposes.

So here’s to you! I honor your courage and look forward to what is ahead!