Interview with Nannette Eiland about trusting God when you can’t hear Him.

I Can’t Hear You, God! – Nannette’s Story

Welcome to the 3rd video in the Wise Women with Whys series.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and enjoy the honor of being invited into NANNETTE’S STORY, where this message has been branded into my heart:


In this video, my friend Nannette shares her experience of pushing through in a very difficult work environment when absolutely nothing made sense. Maybe it’s not work for you. Maybe you are in a difficult home environment, social situation, or strained relationship. But when nothing makes sense and we are crying out to God for direction but hear nothing, we can begin to doubt ourselves. Nannette’s message is that when you don’t see Him, feel Him, or hear Him, remember His faithfulness – and trust. Trust Him. Before you write that off as cliché, take time to listen and see how that played out in Nannette’s life. How it is still playing out. It can play out in your situation as well.

I invite you to meet Nannette here in this video as she shares the struggles, frustrations, and doubts that led her to surrender – and opened the door for blessing. We are honored. Thank you, Nannette. I invite you to meet her, too, here in this video: I Can’t Hear You, God!: Nannette’s Story | Wise Women With Whys – Episode 3. Or, click the image below.

Interview with Nannette Eiland about trusting God when you can’t hear Him.

Wise Women With Whys. To know these women. To hear their stories. Their whys. The purpose behind what drives them. It is a privilege I do not take for granted. I pray you treasure the honor of being welcomed into some of the most intimate details of their lives… those that have shaped them and continue to do so.

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Brenda is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. She is a wife, mom, mimi, daughter, and friend who also enjoys speaking, writing, and coaching.