Help with hard conversations

Help with Hard Conversations


Yes, I wrote Loud Is Not A Language for the purpose of helping others understand how to have better, more constructive conversations. But…

I am NOW writing the 2nd book in the series and if you are a person of faith /follower of Jesus… I could really use your help!

Actually, even if you aren’t I could use your help, too!

You see, there are people sitting in the dark. Lonely. Scared. Angry.

Some know Jesus.

Some don’t.

And what I am discovering more and more about people in general is that we STAY lonely, scared, and angry to a large extent because we are not having the conversations we need to be having with those who think very, very differently than we do.

So here is my ask:

If you ARE a person of faith/follower of Jesus…it would be so beneficial for me to hear…because of your faith viewpoints:

  • what are the hardest conversations you have?
  • what conversations do you intentionally not have?
  • what conversations do you dread the most?
  • what conversations make you uncomfortable or angry or scared?

If you are NOT a person of faith/follower of Jesus…it would be so beneficial for me to hear…because of your unique viewpoints:

  • what has your experience been in having hard conversations with people of faith?
  • have you felt loved? (if so, how?)
  • have you felt judged? (is so, how?)
  • did you feel a welcome invitation into a possible friendship? (if so, how?)
  • have you been interested in knowing more about their faith? If so, why?

A simple reply to this email is the best way to respond. It will come to me personally and I will be so very grateful for the time you took to thoughtfully answer. Feel free to forward to someone else you think might be willing to reply as well.

I PROMISE I will not share your name with anyone. Your answers will remain confidential unless I have your expressed permission OR unless I hide your identity and give no details that would give it away. That’s a promise! After all, this project is to help build better quality relationships…not tear them down.

Thanks in advance!

I wish you much, much joy in 2024! Joy in your relationships most of all! With all kinds of people!

Brenda is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. She is a wife, mom, mimi, daughter, and friend who also enjoys speaking, writing, and coaching.