The strength of a nation is in the unity of its people. Let freedom ring! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Happy Independence Day!

When we think of independence we often think of not needing anyone else. We think of being independent individually, rather than collectively. Today may we all remember that this independence was never meant to be celebrated simply on an individual level, but as a nation. My hope is that, as a nation, we can begin to move together, as a people bound together by the precious ties of freedom and the only One who can truly grant us that, and may we stand together, aware of the power of this great unity. Independent as a nation. Not independent of one another… or our Creator.

The strength of a nation is in the unity of its people. May hope rise in us today as we pray together, “God bless America!” And America…together…may we in turn bless God who has given us our freedom in this great land.

Let freedom ring!




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