Unleashing Your Dreams Through Relationship Healing

May 20 – 24 at 12 Noon CT

Brenda Harkins, Coach and Author

Brenda Harkins, author of the bestselling book Loud is Not a Language!

You’re so emotionally drained that you stopped chasing your dreams.
But you’re going to get your fire back!

Join us for 5 days to gain the simple tools you need to heal your most important relationships.
(Yes, this applies even if you’re the only one working on it.)

And here’s why this is important…
You’re not chasing your dreams because your focus is on healing your relationships.

Because people are important to you. Relationships matter.

Look, there are people in your life you long to have stronger relationships with.
And when stress builds, your emotional capacity dwindles.

This 5-Day Masterclass is designed to help you heal, restore, and strengthen your bond with them….

A bench with rock background and text: Our differences don't have to divide us.

So that you…

  • Find common ground in any situation, even when you have completely different viewpoints.
  • Enjoy the things you share with family and friends, instead of letting differences divide you.
  • Save your sanity in the office… and during election season… and all the other times stress can get high due to differing views and opinions.


These 5 days will challenge you to develop 5 areas, one each day, so that..

  • you are able to more effectively take those outward, practical steps to strengthen, build and restore.
  • experience the confidence and peace of knowing your relationships don’t have to suffer because of differing views.
Brenda with a group of women in a workshop.

Maybe this will even be contagious! Maybe YOU will be contagious!
Maybe relationships being restored will be contagious! I am ALL for that!
Let’s do this!

I’m Brenda!

A grateful recipient of brokenness becoming beautiful. My passion for mining the gold in people (and their relationships) is shared with my love for family, faith, friends, good coffee, and west Texas sunsets. I am an author, speaker, and relational strategist who enjoys coaching others to fulfill the crazy big dreams in their heart. My hope is to see you living a courageously, loving, powerful life that makes the difference you were created to make in this world.

Brenda Harkins, Coach and Author