Woman facing inconvenient circumstances while dismantling the 3 C’s.

Dismantling the 3 C’s in Order to Re-Mantle Order

We had a plumber at our home last week who informed us that fixing the thermostat controlling the water temp in our shower would require drilling through the shower wall into my closet. He came back today to take care of that.

Inconvenient? Yes.

It required getting all my clothes and shoes out of the closet (not an easy task).
And… it may or may not have involved getting some boxes out that I had not looked at in so long I had absolutely no idea what was in them. It was a mess. And it was a pain.

For several months I have been super aware of three things that need to be dismantled, at least from being such high priorities in my life. Convenience. Control. Comfort. The 3 C’s. Those are good things, in measure. Not so good when they are the criteria for decision making.

I have come to realize how many decisions are based on those three things. Is it convenient? Can I stay in my comfort zone? Will I be in control? Oh my goodness. I don’t want to be that wimp!

Because my focus had already been drawn to the need to check those things, at least I was ready. No whining or crying. To be honest, I looked at the inconvenience with expectation. Not excitement, but expectation. I knew good was going to come from it in more ways than being able to take a shower without scalding myself.

The situation required me to deal with some things I had put out of sight and out of mind. Dealing with it wasn’t convenient or comfortable. But I gave away a lot of things that will bless others, de-cluttered my closet, and got some great looking new faucets and shower heads in my shower on top of being able to now adjust the water temp to where it is…ahem… comfortable. Yes, I said it.

The 3 C’s aren’t bad words. But they do become problematic when we let them rule us.

What do you think?

Are there things you need to do that require dismantling the 3 C’s?

Brenda Harkins is founder of Harkins Leadership Group as well as an author, speaker, and coach specializing in personal, relational and leadership transformation. Brenda believes in impossible possibilities, the joy of family, west Texas sunsets, good coffee, good friends, and the power of God’s love… not necessarily in that order. Brenda can be reached at brenda@harkinsleadershipgroup.com.