Sand area with blue skies so you can disconnect to connect.

Disconnecting to Connect

We all have lives that are full.

Full of family.
Full of friends.
Full of work.
Full of projects.
Full of activities.
Full of responsibilities.
Full, full, full.

Sometimes we just need to get away from all the interaction and disconnect.

Because as paradoxical as it may seem, too much interaction robs us of true connection.

Last week I got an awesome picnic table and put it in my front yard.
I affectionately call it “The Table.”
I want it to be a safe place that welcomes people to connect.
Or just sit.
Or be quiet.
Or talk.
Or write.
Or read.
Or whatever they need.

But to connect.
With themselves.
With God.
With their own thoughts and feelings.
So they can better connect with others.

Growing up, I was always taught in church to keep God first, then others, then yourself.
The problem with that is, that’s not God’s plan.
It sounds good.
If you think about it, self-deprecation usually does.
But it drains you.
And it goes against what even scripture says… to love others as yourself.

So, if we aren’t loving ourselves, what does that say about how we are loving others?

This coming week I am going away on a personal retreat.
I need to get some clarity and understanding of what’s stirring inside of me.
Because I am tired.
And my thoughts aren’t really clear on some things that I need them to be clear on.
And I need to connect.
To myself again.
To those thoughts and feelings that are foggy.
To God.
And hear what He is saying about those things.

Because then I can better connect to others.

Maybe you can’t disconnect for a week entirely. (But if you can, I highly recommend it.)
I bet you can disconnect from some things, though.
From the things that are draining you. (At least for a day.)
So that you can better connect with yourself and God.
And then others.

If “supposed-to-thinking” is keeping you from doing what you need to do…
to get clarity and peace…
lay down all those “shoulds”.
Fear and guilt are horrible drivers.

Do what you need to do this week for you.

Disconnect so you can better connect.

Love yourself well.

Others might not like it at the time…
but they will benefit from it later.

Most importantly, YOU will benefit from it.
YOU will thank you.

You will love better.