Awaken Your Purpose: Championing Women to Chase Their Dreams

Learn how to activate your dreams and discover your true calling with proven methods and personalized coaching.

Ready to Step into Your Calling?

As a woman with bold dreams, are you tired of holding back and ready to pursue your passions with purpose? I am here to support and guide you on your journey. With over 25 years of coaching and training experience in both ministry and business, I have the expertise to help you unlock your full potential.

Learn the effective communication methods that I have honed over the years, allowing me to increase my influence and improve relationships while staying true to my passions. Let’s unlock that same confidence and clarity in your journey.

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Your Worth

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, stalled out, and tempted to just throw in the towel. I know the pain of not feeling good enough. Not feeling worthy. Feeling unqualified.

I understand. Truly I do. I spent years with dreams locked up in my heart I didn’t know how to activate, or if I should even try. I know what it’s like to not even know what I like. At one point I had lost so much of myself I didn’t know my favorite color, food, people, or hobby. I felt like a cracked shell that was empty inside.

But God is so good. He exposed the lies I was believing, healed my heart, brought light to my darkest places, showed me my qualification process, and unlocked my dreams. He unleashed a purpose within me bigger than I ever dreamed. This is what He wants for you, too.

Brenda Harkins, coaching

Personalized Coaching for Women with Big Crazy Dreams

Whether you are a mother, professional, business owner, or leader in your community, confidence and clarity are essential for your success. Let’s connect and create a personalized plan to help you confidently step into the future that God has planned for you.

Ready to take the next step? Share your story, ask your questions, and let’s work together towards the fulfilling life that awaits you.

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