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4 Steps to Building Strong Relationships Despite Your Differences

Build back, or prevent, broken relationships by learning the 4-step process of Loud Is Not A Language® and how you can use it in your unique circumstances.


Thursday, 12/29/22 at 11:00 am CST

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Brenda Harkins
Founder of Loud Is Not A Language®


Brenda is a believer in impossible possibilities, in brokenness becoming beautiful, and in justice, mercy, honor, and power – with love perfecting them all.

As a Speaker, Author, Mediator, and Professional Coach, Brenda is highly focused on the power of communication.

Her confidence, clarity, and courage to transform challenges into victories were the catalyst for creating Loud Is Not A Language®, a communication model that is actually a challenge to transform you…building strong, resilient, respectful relationships at the same time.


Disclaimer – This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to starting more effective conversations that boost relationships and impact.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.

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