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It’s great to meet you.

Brenda Harkins, Coach and Author

I am Brenda. A Texas girl who loves God and people and big skies and coffee.

I believe every person on the planet has a purpose and when we discover what that is and live it out, the world will be a better place because of it. Drawing out the treasure in people is one of my favorite things in life.

We all have treasure. I mean, we are made in God’s image and He is amazing, having created the whole world in all its incredible beauty and intricacy and majesty and all! So, the way I see it, if even a freckle size portion of that image is in us…we have the ability to glimmer with gold!

I also have a wonderfully diverse family that I love very much and am blessed to be Mike’s wife, my kids’ Mom, and my grandkids’ Mimi. Besides those hats, I also wear author, speaker, coach, mediator, and business owner.

Life is good. And I am so happy you are here!

Family & Healing

My incredible husband encourages and challenges me continually. He encourages me to do the things I want to do, but also challenges me to do the things I don’t think I can. He has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and caused me to rise at times when I was ready to roll over and play dead. For my Michael, I am forever grateful.

Having said that, I also understand the pain of divorce and the gut-wrenching ache that makes you sick and scares you all at the same time because it feels like the ripping and tearing of your heart will never go away. In that place, I discovered Jesus as my Healer at a whole new level. And whether it’s divorce or disease or destruction of whatever kind…Jesus wants you to discover Him as Healer at a whole new level, too.

Together, my husband and I have 7 children with his, mine, and ours… plus 12 grandchildren now!!! And we are blessed to have my mother be a joyful, fun-packed part of it all! How in the world did I get here? I am so incredibly blessed.

Mike and Brenda Harkins at the Loud Is Not A Language book signing

Learning to Live Loved

I spend my days connecting to God, others, my purpose, and His plans. And being honest, some days I mess up all those things. But it’s ok. I have learned that God cheers us on like a parent seeing their toddler starting to walk. When we fall, He reminds us how far we have come and lifts us back up to get going again. Knowing you’re loved is a really great way to live!

Some of what connecting to God, others, my purpose, and His plans looks like is simply hugging my grandbabies or having coffee with friends. Other times it looks like writing, speaking, coaching, and helping leaders, along with their teams and organizations, discover their strengths and learn to operate in them with more impact, efficiency, and joy. I have a business I do most of that from on another site if you are interested…Loud Is Not A Language

“Live the possibilities you dare to dream.”

Brenda Harkins

My Personal Discovery

Brenda Harkins, Coach and Author

When I turned 40, I realized I had given so much of myself out to others that I didn’t even know my favorite color. It threw me into a personal crisis, which led me to a personal discovery, which has resulted in me believing that not only you, but your whole world, is blessed when you live the purpose God created you to live. Being fully who you are created to be, courageously doing what you were created to do, in every situation, no matter the circumstance is the best possible life to live.

Oh, and I love accountability. I love people who love accountability. I seek it out and genuinely appreciate those who speak truth to me even when it’s hard. It’s how I grow. It is how we grow.

Bottom line: I am learning to live authentically, joyfully, vulnerably, courageously and unoffendable. I love laughing. A lot. And my heart is filled with gratitude in knowing God is continually with me – and for me – on this journey.


I believe…

  • in the God who created the universe with all its galaxies and vast expanse and beauty and intricacies and majesty
  • in the 3-in-1 God – the One who said “Let US make mankind in OUR image, according to OUR likeness”
  • in the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  • in the One whose incredible love for you and me is unwavering (no matter what)
  • in the One whose amazing design for our lives is filled with unique purpose
  • Jesus chose to leave His perfect heavenly kingdom and become human to rejoin us to His Father
  • Jesus suffered horrible pain from both His friends and His enemies, then He died and was resurrected for those very same people, and all the friends and enemies who follow.
  • For you. For me.
  • His Spirit lives in us, guides us, and gifts us when we open our hearts to the gift of Jesus
  • The Church is not a building. It is His people.
  • He wants us to gather, encourage, and build one another up
  • He wants us to love one another in true community
  • He wants us to share His love and life with each other, as well as those who don’t know Him
  • Unity of His family is Jesus’ prayer
  • Grace is abundant
  • His kingdom is coming on this earth
  • the Bible is God’s Word and intended to point us to Him


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