3 Perspectives for Positive Change by Brenda Harkins

3 Perspectives for Positive Change


Those adjustments, modifications and risks that require letting go of the original plan can be uncomfortable at best, and for some even downright unbearable. Why do we resist change? Why is it so distressing?

Transition is unavoidable with change. When a trapeze artist lets go of one bar in order to catch the other, there is a time of flying through the air when either hope or fear is chosen. This is transition. The unknown. Why do we resist change? Because for many, flying through the air unsure of their landing breeds fear. But then there is the other camp. The one where flying through the air breeds hope. Where the uncertainty of their landing breeds anticipation.

In talking with people who embrace change with hopeful anticipation, I have found there are 3 perspectives they have in common:

1. A healthy discontent with the status quo
2. A vision of where they want to go
3. A realistic assessment that they won’t get there doing what they have always done

Which camp are you in?

Choose hope.

Let go of the bar, and enjoy a landing where courage and vision win.