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Welcome! I am so happy you are here!
It is my sincere desire for you to GO, BE and DO all that God has purposed for you! Connecting more deeply and intimately to Him and understanding your God-given design fuels you to live your purpose on purpose, and help others do the same. My hope is to stoke the fire in your heart and mine to bring encouragement for living courageously loving, powerful lives that make a difference. Won’t you join me on the journey?

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  • Those Not-So-Pleasant Surprises
    Have you ever been hit in the face by bird poop? That happened to me recently. What a picture of life, right? We are moving forward, happy, thankful, things are good, sometimes great, then splat! Bird poop. It’s going to come. We are going to get hit. What we do when we are hit determines what we get.


Her passion is to live life fully alive to God and His purposes and to have other women courageously join her on this journey that brings freedom to our hearts and life to our souls.

Brenda Harkins


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Constructive Communication Assessment

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This assessment will help you determine some areas where you:

  • are doing well
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